Joe Judge Seen Drowning Himself In Pizza And Cases Of Beer After Being Fired By The Giants

After this, Joe Judge is officially back on head coach watch. Having TMZ wait outside your house to take pictures from your driveway while you get a dozen pizzas and a dolly full of Mich Ultras just may get him hired again before the Super Bowl.

Waking up the second week of January in suburban New Jersey, fresh off the holidays, unemployed, just days after running this play in a real game, has to be a cold dose of reality.

Everyone is still maintaining their juice cleanses and limiting gluten and Joe Judge probably hasn’t had anything but meat lovers pizza and lukewarm beers since Thanksgiving. I mean good lord that’s a lot of beer to get delivered at once. That poor delivery guy may have slipped a disc dragging those cases up 3 steps into the Judge house. Time to sit back and drink brews when the Christmas decorations are still out on the front porch? Seeing those still up on January 10th is more than enough ammunition to fire Joe Judge in my opinion.

Something about the move though is a desperate cry for help that I think may just be enough to work in the NFL. That’s the kind of chutzpah the Texans might need to lead that franchise into another decade of AFC South 3rd place seasons. This is a huge step up PR wise for the Raiders, what’s more lovable than pizza and beer?

Joe Judge will never be a successful head coach in the NFL in terms of win percentage, playoff performance, as a locker room hero, or any other statistical category that matters. But that doesn’t mean he won’t make millions of dollars to stand on the sideline and absorb public scrutiny from the miserable, suffering fans of a poverty franchise.

Your move Jacksonville.


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