The Branded Fantasy Football Champion Is…

Can I get a drum roll please?

That’s right, I have officially been crowned the greatest fantasy owner in the whole company. What started as Walsh and myself as the clear cut favorites quickly turned into a league where last place and first are only separated by a couple games.

The original plan with this league was for us to make content. That didn’t really end up happening except for a few recap blogs I made at the beginning of the season. Hopefully if we bring this back next year we can make more content out of it. Either way it was a lot of fun, I always enjoy reminding the group chat that I’m just a different beast. Built different as the kids would say.

This is my first ever fantasy title, though. Before this year the best I had ever finished was third and this season I won this league and in my other league I finished second. I lost the title on the Najee Harris TD last week. Truly heart breaking.

All eyes will now turn from me and the title to Vince and his punishment. Vince got last place in the league so his punishment is that he needs to get on a plane to a random city and just spend the whole day at that random cities airport, streaming it to Twitter. I wouldn’t do it but good thing I’m the champion and don’t have to. This is how we find out if Vince is the coward we all think he is or a man of the people.

Next season I’m going back to back.

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