Antonio Brown Is Putting All Of His Dirty Laundry On Social Media

By now everyone has seen AB run off the field Sunday in the middle of the Jets-Bucs game and I’m sure most people have already picked their side. That is just what we do, in general, as people right? We receive information, we form an opinion. Usually it stops there. Right or wrong a lot people don’t change their opinion when given alternate information or more facts/information. I’m not judging because I do it too but most things on life aren’t that simple. I think the latest installment of AB drama is definitely not very simple.

If you haven’t read this and don’t want to (it’s long and small letters l, I get it) or you did read it and just need a refresher let me try and summarize.

Essentially, AB is saying he was hurt and the team knew he was hurt so they shot him with pain killers so he would be good to go. Probably not the safest thing to do but this is the NFL so that isn’t really abnormal as far as I know. By the time the incident occurred he says that he was sitting on the bench due to the pain when Arians told him to get ready to go in. Allegedly he told Arians he was in too much pain and couldn’t go and that is when coach snapped telling AB he’s done and doing a throat slash. In Antonio’s head he just got cut because he didn’t want to do more damage to his injured ankle so he left the field. That’s pretty much what that letter says.

There’s a few things. 1. I haven’t seen any video of anyone doing a throat slash to AB. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but definitely needs to be pointed out. Just because there’s no video doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, we still haven’t seen on video what started this from AB either so maybe there just isn’t video? Sounds believable but it is fishy. 2. AB says that Arians cut him on the field and that’s why he left. Arians post game said AB was done in Tampa but the team still hasn’t released him. It seems a bit coincidental that the guy said the coach cut him and also the coach post game said he was cut so I feel like there’s at least some truth to that. Still not sure why it hasn’t been made official yet. 3. He says he was in a lot of pain and he also said that he saw a doctor and there’s numerous things up with his ankle but a big issue with this part of the story is he had an amazing game on 12/26 Vs the Panthers where he had 10 catches and over 100 yards. Also, he was jumping up and down when he left the field Sunday. He says it was the emotions and adrenaline after his interaction with Arians, which could be true but it’s a super convenient thing to say after the fact.

Obviously, this is very very messy still.

I don’t fully believe AB. I think there are some exaggerations, I think there is information he left out. I mean he could be flat out lying. What makes me hesitate writing him off as a crazy person doing crazy things and is now making up stuff to paint himself in a better light is the lack of response by the team. Like if his statement is 100% false then how hasn’t the team, officially, done anything? It’s super sus if you ask me. Also, I think Bruce Arians is an asshole so I could easily see him doing this. AB still not being cut is what makes me hesitate the most.

Now today AB put both of these out.

I think putting these out hurt ABs story. Not because it discredits what he said but because these are both just not a big deal.

The one about Alex Guerrero (Tom Brady’s longtime trainer) has nothing to do with what happened Sunday and from the looks of it Alex handled a potentially sticky situation to perfection.

The one about Arians I have to assume he put out so people know that Arians 100% new he was still hurt. The issue is Arians didn’t say anything bad. He said to come see him in the morning (Saturday) because if AB is ready Arians wants him with the team. It doesn’t help that instead of adding context with the screenshot he just wrote like a saying.

I think there’s some truth to what AB says happened. Do I fully believe him? No. Do I think he might have exaggerated or left out information to make him sound better? Probably. Do I also think that Arians is capable of doing this and that the Bucs are poorly run? Yes.

The Bucs are a good team and good teams never get called out for being poorly run. Usually in order to be a good team you can’t be poorly run but from the owner to the coaches to the players this is a talented, yet dysfunctional team. I feel like we forget that for the better part of the past two decades this team has been a joke now they’re full of talented guys so it hides everything a little bit better.

If you got this far, thanks for sticking it out, I just want to say this blog isn’t me defending AB. This is still a guy who allegedly sexually assaulted someone, someone who allegedly faked their vax card and someone who farted on their doctor. I’m not saying he is the best guy, he’s not. I just think there is a lot of this story we don’t know still so we shouldn’t be afraid to change our opinion on this situation if we get more information.

I’m going to leave everyone with this shirt Taylor Rooks thread because she makes a strong point here.


As I was trying to get this uploaded AB finally and officially has been released by the Bucs per Schefty


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