Saturday Is Going To Be A Mess Down In South Philly

The NFL for some reason has decided to flex the Eagles and Cowboys meaningless game to primetime on Saturday night. I say meaningless because it is at this point now that the Birds have officially clinched a playoff spot. Why move a game where both teams are resting their starters most likely into Saturday night primetime? Just because it’s Eagles/Cowboys?

I guess I get it since its a huge rivalry but still it doesn’t make sense to me. Add in the fact that it’s already scheduled to be a busy day down by the stadiums. We’ve got the Wings playing at noon, Flyers at 7 and now the Birds at 8. Everyone knows how early people go down to start tailgating for Eagles games and just because the game itself doesn’t mean anything that isn’t going to stop anyone from tailgating especially on a Saturday.

So if you have tickets to one of these three games on Saturday well I wish you the best of luck. It’s usually a shit show down there to begin with and now you add it more traffic. No thanks, I’ll sit on my couch or hit a local bar to go watch the game instead of dealing with all that nonsense. Wow am I an old now? Need Joe and Kmess to confirm if this puts me in the olds club.

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