Introducing the Washington Commanders

The NFC East’s favorite punching bag (besides the Giants, of course) just teased their new name and jerseys, and after some digging (4:05 in the video above) we have the first look at the follow up to one of the strangest names of all time.

The team formerly known as the Washington Red*****s and currently known as the Washington Football Team will be rebranded as the Washington Redtails starting in the 2022 season.

After looking at a myriad of names, including the fan-favorite “Wolves” or “RedWolves,” team President Jason Wright explained that copyright issues prevented those names from being chosen.

As a non-WFT fan, I don’t hate the logo/name. Fans of the WFT? They seem to hate this name and unfortunately, I feel like no matter the name choice that would be the choice.

First look at the new jerseys for the Redtails

The official announcement is coming on 2.2.22 so stay tuned for more “exciting” announcements from America’s least favorite football team!

Go Birds!

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