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What’s Happening Around the NCAAF?

As always, there is a lot going on around the NCAA. One of the biggest things at the moment is that National Signing Day was held the other day. While there are still a couple more days of early sign ons to come and the main day in February, we are already seeing some massive signing happens. There was one major upset to come from the first signing day and now that the season is officially over, expect things to heat up a bit. 

Speaking of heating up a bit, playoff time is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve will see both of the NCAAF playoff games being played in preparation for the Championship game on Jan, 10th. The Cotton Bowl sees #1 Alabama take on #4 Cincinnati while the Orange Bowl sees #2 Michigan take on #3 Georgia. Checking the current NCAAF odds and while you can imagine that Alabama is the favorite to win their game, we also see Georgia being the favorite to win theirs. While the margins aren’t massive, there is no better time to place your bets than now, if you’re into that kind of thing of course. 

Betting on college football and sports, in general, has always happened. However, these days it is seamlessly easy and with more and more states allowing sports betting apps, it is becoming even easier. There are now a number of different sportsbooks you can choose from and they all are always offering different bonuses so make sure to do some research before you just choose one! National Signing Day 2021.


When it comes to odds, I don’t think anyone would’ve taken a bet on Hunter, who was committed for 2-years to Florida to flip and sign with Jackson State. This is absolutely massive and he will now play under Deion Sanders, one of the best Cornerbacks to ever play the game! Coach Sanders has obviously had something up his sleeve to make this happen and it will be interesting to see how it works out for them. Jackson State is not generally one of the schools we hear about a lot when it comes to NCAA but expect that all to change. If they can flip a 5-star recruit, who knows what else they are capable of. As far as signings go this year, we can expect this to be one of the biggest!

There were a number of other schools that made some great signings. While Hunter is going to be the talk of signing day, don’t let that distract you from all else that happened. The Boston Eagles are making better signings in the past 2-years than they have in some time. Texas A&M had four 5-star signings, of which Conner Weigman is the most notable. Going in as a freshman, Weigman will likely be going straight for the starting quarterback position.


Bowl Games.


While the most anticipated bowl games of the season will be played on new years eve, there are still plenty more college football bowl games to be played. Currently, we still have 42 bowl games to see us through the end of the month and into the beginning of the new year. The best part about it is that most of these games will still be televised. While these bowl games will be the last game of the season for many,  it does help to give them a bit more bragging rights and one last chance to end the season on a good note. 

NIL Deals.

Finally! College athletes can be paid by companies to promote their products and evening allowing the companies to use their image and likeness. This has been illegal up until just recently and it paves the way for College students to finally get a piece of what all the companies are making off of them. Some college players are just as famous as professional sports players so it is only right that they get treated as such. While there is still drama around this whole scene, it is making a great start and will pave the way for the future. 

At the present, some are worried that schools will line up loads of deals for students to almost use it as a source of payment for the kids to go to their school. Best of all, the school won’t be footing the bill so it is a massive win for them. Some are campaigning to make sure the school doesn’t have much or really any involvement in these types of deals. Either way, it is great that the future looks bright for these students. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out as some states are saying it is illegal for colleges or their employees to pay the students directly while some are taking it even further, making it illegal for schools to have deals arranged for student-athletes. 

The NCAAF season may officially be over, but the fun is really only just starting. As one season ends a new one begins so look for more schools to make some amazing signings and try to help their players with getting the best NIL deals where possible.

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