Winnipeg Blue Bombers Win Back To Back Grey Cups

Yesterday was a pretty big day for our friends up north in Canada as their 108th Grey Cup took place between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. For those not familiar with the Grey Cup, it is essentially the Super Bowl of the Canadian Football League(CFL).

The CFL is Canada’s version of the NFL with just a few different rules and a little bit different scoring. I’ve watched a few CFL games in my day and I gotta say I’ve always been entertained. I even got to experience a Toronto Argonauts game back in 2013 during my trip to Toronto and it was incredible.

While the Super Bowl may be a bigger deal around the world, Canada’s Grey Cup is just as big if not bigger in Canada. The Canadiens do not mess around when it comes to the CFL and it brings out the best in the fans and the players. Just like the fans of the two Super Bowl teams, you get all kinds of crazy fans with their best outfits.

This guy is peak Canada right here, double fisting some beers and rocking the hockey helmet with the football jersey.

Just like NFL fans that go to the Super Bowl every year whether their team is in it or not, CFL fans do the same thing like this guy who has been to 49 Grey Cups in his life…49?!?! That’s dedication right there.

It wouldn’t be a Grey Cup without the weather playing a little bit of a factor as the wind was gusting all game long. Shaking the goal post at points during the game which if you didn’t notice are at the front of the end zone compared to like the NFL where they are in the back.

The only thing that could have made the Grey Cup even more perfect would have been had there been snow. Nothing compares to football in the snow and it would’ve been an incredible sight to see.

As for the action on the field last night it was an absolute barn burner between the Bombers and Tiger-Cats. It took overtime to decide this one as the Blue Bombers stormed back with 15 fourth quarter points to take the lead only to see the Tiger-Cats tie it with four seconds left to send it to overtime.

The Blue-Bombers would get the ball first in the overtime period and drove down the field to score the go ahead touchdown.

The Tiger-Cats needed a touchdown and a two point conversion to keep the game going but it would be the Blue Bombers defense who stepped up when the team needed it most.

An absolutely absurd interception to clinch the second consecutive Grey Cup for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I mean where else can you see heart stopping action like this?!? An electric finish to what was an electric game between two of the top teams in the CFL competing for the richest prize in Canadian football.

Oh and don’t worry they also like the Super Bowl and have a pretty big halftime show…

This year the halftime show featured the Lumineers and Arkells and overall it seemed to get a pretty positive response from those in attendance and from viewers at home. Some went as far to say it was a better show than the Super Bowl halftime one.

I can only assume with how big of a deal the Grey Cup is in Canada there’s probably a lot of fans that are petitioning to make Grey Cup Monday a national holiday and quite frankly I agree. The day after a major sporting event where most of the nation is tuning in should always be a national holiday it just makes sense.

So for all you football fans out there if you’re looking for an alternate to the NFL every once in a while, I highly suggest you give the CFL a shot next season you won’t regret it.

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