Super Bowl LVIII To Be Held In Mid-Sized Mountain Town

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That mid-sized mountain town? You may have heard of it:

VEGAS BABY! After cancelling the 2020 NFL Draft in Vegas (still pissed about that since I was supposed to go, smh), the NFL has announced that Vegas will be the home of Super Bowl LVIII in 2024.

I want you to stop what you’re doing for a second. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. And imagine this:

Tens of thousands of football fans roaming around the streets of Sin City without an open container law, casinos by the dozen, and debauchery at every corner.

The Super Bowl was made to be in Vegas, and Allegiant Stadium is a truly remarkable stadium that is deserving of hosting the biggest event in Football.

Being the unrealistic schmuck that I am, I am already working on throwing some future bets in for the Eagles-Jaguars Super Bowl matchup that will occur in Vegas in ’24.

See y’all in Vegas!


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