Steph Curry: NBA’s Greatest Point Guard Of All Time

The Basics we know. 

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in America, and in the world. It comes as a close second behind the NFL in the U.S.A. 

Whether you love it for the skill of the players, the joy of the game, or if you’re a bettor who loves the NBA Player Futures Odds, it doesn’t matter, it is an amazing game, and has seen some epic players of the years. 

One of these legends was the incredible Stephen Curry. Curry had 3 NBA titles, 2 MVPs, 4 All-NBA 1st Team selections, and 7 All-Stars! He ranked Number 67 in scoring, number 68 in assists, and number 72 in steals. 

But what is most talked about is his influence on the game. He changed the way that the game is played, as now, basically every player on the floor wants to shoot threes, and needs to be able to hit them for the offense to keep up with modern scoring. 

He is a wizard, in his playing, but also in his playmaking, which deserves more credit than it typically gets. He is by far the best shooter ever, 

About Stephen Curry. 

We do not typically think of Curry when we think of the best point guard of all time. We usually think of Magic Johnson, or John Stockton. Most people will sleep on Curry, and do not even understand how he changed the game in so many ways with his outstanding ability to shoot the ball from beyond the three-point line. Not to mention his craftiness and skills with the ball. 

He was born March 14th 1988 in Ohio, but he grew up in North Carolina. Growing up immersed in basketball, he was the son of 16-year NBA veteran Dell Curry, who had an incredibly successful career. He learned the game from his father, as he started to become a great shooter and developed a high IQ in the game. 

Although Curry was always outstanding with the ball in his banks, he was overlooked by a majority of high level college coaches, due to his wiry frame and his unremarkable height of 6-ft.

He was never given the offer at any high level schools, but he did get to play at Davidson College, which was a small school with an enrollment of only 2,000 students. Even though he wanted to play at a higher level, he took the opportunity and committed. He made his mark here as a freshman, averaging at 21.5 points per game, leading first-year players in the country. 

Curry is a testament to how it’s all about perseverance, even if others do not see your skill, show them how wrong they are. And, he did. 

Did he really change the game?

We keep saying he changed the game, but did he really? Well, yes he did. He is one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, and this year, in 2021, he proved it once more, as he set the record for the most threes in a single month, when he scored 96 times from beyond the arc in April. 

While many NBA players appreciate his brilliance on the court, this time, the former Celtics’ player Isaiah Thomas even said he believes Curry is the greatest point guard of all time. 

Despite how the Golden States Warriors did not make the playoffs this season, it is certain to be remembered as one of the greatest shooting seasons of his career, as a testament to his skill, since he recorded 337 three-pointers his season, with a 42.1% efficiency in his shooting.

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