RANKING: The Coolest Philadelphia Eagles Fan Tattoos On The Internet

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Happy Saturday internet friends. As I awoke from my slumber full of dreams of SGA hitting the game-winning shot for the 10-9-8’s in the Finals, I came across the above post on the Facebook group “Fly Eagles Fly.” With a decent amount of submissions from Eagles faithful, I felt it was only fair to rank these tattoos.

A few quick points of clarification:

  1. I chose the top ten from about ~25 submissions
  2. I am ranking based upon overall look and creativity
  3. I do not have any tattoos so I am doing this ranking as a tattoo “outsider” and honestly have no validity to anything I say!

And without further ado, the official Philadelphia Eagles fan tattoo ranking:

Number 10

Eagles Chain Gang – Matt Druckenmiller

I’ll be honest with you, I have no clue what’s going on here. BUT, a forearm sleeve with a slight hint of green is a pretty cool look. If I were to walk by Matt in person I would definitely be trying to sneak in an extra look of the sleeve.

Here is the equally dope reverse side of Matt’s sleeve:

Number 9

Abstract Eagle – Wandy Ivelis

Okay so you may be thinking “how the hell is this an Eagles tattoo?” Well, according to Wandy herself, “In my feathers , each one symbolizes something . You can see my Eagles on here . Now it’s colored so they all blend into feathers 💚💚 #BG4L”

An abstract view of her favorite team with each feather symbolizing something special? A+ for effort here and a cool way to pay ode to the Birds.

Number 8

NFC East Beasts – Rick Banfill

Everyone knows Eagles fans hate the Cowboys, Giants, and that football team in Washington. But for Rick? My guy makes sure every person he meets know just how strong his hatred is. The only way we can improve Rick’s tattoo would be TO BEAT THE GOD DAMN TEAMS IN OUR DIVISION. Looking forward to next Sunday, WFT.

Number 7

Super Bowl Skyline – Troy Thomas

Number 7 and Number 6 are fairly similar, but both are awesome. The skyline behind the logo and the trophy and LII under is strong. Well designed and drawn. BUT…

Number 6

Dramatic Eagle – Isaiah Cottman

Number 6 is just a little too pretty to be ranked underneath Number 7. Top-notch art and the skyline within the logo looks spectacular. This could be on a poster.

Number 5

Hand of an Eagle – Isaac Rodriguez

I can honestly say I haven’t seen many hand tats in my day. That being said, Isaac’s is pretty badass and I wish I was cool enough to get something similar. Very solid art and a unique placement bring Isaac into the coveted Top 5.

Number 4

Old School – Joe Cesare Palma

My favorite logo in sports is proudly planted on Joe’s right forearm. Beautifully drawn and with the perfect amount of Kelly Green, Joe’s tattoo gets me excited for the prospect of the team bringing back the retros in 2022. Now, Joe loses out to a very similar tattoo below for two reasons (which you can find out below).

Number 3

Birds by the Beach – Brian Senseny

I do not know Brian or have any idea what is going on here, but my best guess is that he is competing in some sort of competition where he has to deliver what’s on that serving plate while going through obstacles in the shortest amount of time. 

That alone could have his tattoo Top 5. But, combined with the fresh kelly green fitted and my personal favorite location for a tattoo, Brian cracks the Top 5. The Eagle carrying the Lombardi is a great touch, too.

Number 2

Elegant Eagle – David Andrew

Wow. I mean this dude David is walking around the streets with legit museum-level artwork on his forearm. If I were David I would go to random art shows with a long sleeve shirt, dramatically lift up the sleeve in front of its curators, and hope that they are cultured enough to make his forearm the focal point of the show.

BUT, while David certainly has the most beautiful tat on this list, Number 1 is the winner for its simplicity.

Number 1

4 Digits of Love – Megan Polkus

Megan wins. Why do four digits and a dash win a competition that featured tons of great works of art? Because the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the mf’in New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII with the final score of 41-33, and Megan is making sure the world NEVER FORGETS.

Simple, yet Elegant. Timeless. Beautiful. Those are the things I have to say about Megan’s tattoo. Congratulations on winning the inaugural tattoo rankings, Megan. Keep making sure the world knows that the Philadelphia Eagles were world champs, because too many Cowboys fans are in my ear talking about rings they won before I was born.

Enjoy bye week everyone, we need this. In the meantime, may I interest you in some blogs that you should most definitely read?

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