The Flyers Cursed Themselves By Blatantly Ignoring Young Fan

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There are certain rules we should all follow in the world:

  1. Chew with your mouth closed
  2. Don’t ask someone their weight or age
  3. Don’t ignore young fans

The Flyers, losers of 10 straight games (!), probably don’t follow those first two rules, and they certainly do not follow #3:

In their loss against the Devils Wednesday night (which again was their TENTH STRAIGHT), one of the few remaining fans of the team was looking for a little high-five action from some of his role models.

I did some calculations (aka rewatched the video 20 times) and came to the conclusion that little man had a 15.4% (2/13) success rate when attempting high-fives. 15.4%? That’s almost as bad as Ben Simmons’ free-throw percentage!

All jokes aside, this video sucks. I remember being this kid and begging athletes for autographs/ any sort of attention and it is a sad feeling to get ignored. I’m sure the team is extremely frustrated with their recent play and their minds weren’t exactly focused on an eight-year-old looking for a high-five through plexiglass, but blatantly ignoring him is just unnecessary and downright rude.

AV is gone. We’ve hit double-digit L’s. And now our boys in Orange are making kids cry. Hopefully the team makes things right and gives the kid a VIP experience he’ll never forget. And hopefully that lifts the curse that the team has now undoubtedly put on themselves.

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Also, RIP to former NFL WR Demaryius Thomas. He was a menace on the field and had a great reputation as a peson. Prayers to his family and all of his teammates.

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