The Bills’ Micah Hyde And Jordan Poyer Are A Bunch Of Babies

There is nothing I can think of more embarrassing than getting run on for 222 yards, 5 yards per carry and losing a game where the opposing QB only throws 3 times. So when Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer were asked if they were personally embarrassed of one of the most embarrassing situations possible, you’d think they might be a little more understanding.

Why did that sound like a threat from Micah Hyde? “we will remember that.” You’ll remember what? A reporter that probably endured having a drink napkin or two fly away into the wind from inside the press box doing their job and asking a legitimate question during the question and answer portion of the evening? Instead may I suggest remembering to tackle Damien Harris as he’s running past you into the end zone.

The Bills collectively seem to be a team that just realized their 11 month dynasty in the AFC East is over. Sean Mcdermott came out of the tunnel whining about the unfairness of the situation like they were the only ones dealing with it. Bill Vinovich probably went home and asked his wife if she could believe how much of a whiny crybaby man that bald guy was being. When you’ve got a head coach like that, it’s easy to understand why Poyer and Hyde feel inspired for that postgame performance.

Wanna talk about “we’ll remember that”? That one comment from Mcdermott may keep Belichick coaching from a wheelchair.

Seriously though, it was a close game in some insane weather conditions that could have gone either way. The tougher team won. Get back in the film room and on the practice field and get ready for the Bucs. The season isn’t over for the Bills, the #1 seed is still in play, we gotta do this all again in like 3 weeks. Why was this giving James Harden after getting bounced in the conference finals again vibes? Probably because this was demoralizing. Julian Edelman put it simply. The Bills know they don’t have it in them to slay the dragon, and now all they can do is stomp their feet and berate the reporters.


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