What The Hell Is Madonna Doing?

Did I think I’d be writing a blog about Madonna while hungover at 9AM on Thanksgiving? No but it just feels right, doesn’t it?

I have screenshots because I am still surprised Instagram hasn’t taken this post down yet. Everyone, here’s Madonna…

I only have a couple questions.

First, why hasn’t IG deleted this yet? I’m not saying I want it down, I couldn’t care less, I’m just shocked that we have not only some nipple but full blown tit on IG for 18+ hours and it’s just still there.

Second, why was this posted? Madonna is 63 and granted she looks great but why is this old lady posting this? This isn’t like the Kardashians posting bikini pics this is your hot grandma walking around town with her boobs out. I think she posted it just for fun. Good for her.

Third and truly the most important part of all of this. Does Madonna have a fake ass?

Listen I’m no fake ass expert but that’s a fake ass, right? It’s fine if it is but that’s 100% Dr. Miamis work if I’ve ever seen it.

This is also the funniest picture out of the bunch.


This has been a god damn roller coaster. My head hurts and it’s too early to think much more about this.

Ps, who the fuck is taking these pictures? Do you think she hires someone? Is it a friend? Did she just set up a tripod and ring light? I hope she overpaid for a professional photographer. I feel like that’s the funniest outcome.

Pss, I almost forgot. Why did she put that heart emoji over her nipple in one picture but was nips out for the others. That’s all I’m going to think about as I eat some dry turkey today. I need answers Madonna.

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