3 Reasons To Believe The Eagles Can Make The Playoffs

3 Reasons To Believe The Eagles Can Make The Playoffs

The Philadelphia Eagles did something they hadn’t done all year. If you don’t believe me, look up any NFL stats page keeping track of what’s been going down this season. After beating the Saints at home, the Eagles not only won their first game at home but also have their first winning streak, of two at the moment in the season. But what does this mean for Philadelphia? For starters, it means that the team might actually be starting to find their rhythm, but also, and most importantly, it means that if they continue playing the way they have for the past couple of games, there could be a real possibility that Philadelphia can make it to the playoffs.

Yes, I’m not making any kind of twisted joke, even with their record, the Eagles might have a clear chance of making a playoff run this season. Given of course that they keep up with the pace they’re playing at and more wins come their way, but hey, good for Philly, for Nick Sirianni, and for Jalen Hurts. But is it too early still to believe the hype? Here are three reasons why we believe that it’s ok to start backing the Eagles for a postseason appearance.

Jalen Hurts Continues To Show More Signs Of Franchise QB Material

If there is one spot in the roster where the Philadelphia Eagles have had a problem trying to find a long-term solution, it’s at QB. Carson Wentz tried to some very good success early on, only to let his injury problems derail his career in Philadelphia, sending him packing to Indianapolis. Nick Foles did his postseason miracle run, only to be thrown right back into the abyss of under-achievement and overhyping. So what then? Well, enter Jalen Hurts.

While the former Oklahoma Sooners QB showed signs of struggling early on in his tenure with the Eagles, that does not take away from the fact that he knows what he’s doing and just needs a little time here and there to adjust and succeed. The perfect example of this is their last game against the Saints. Hurts ran the ball so well, he managed to score three rushing touchdowns, including a 24-yard screamer that for a second put the league on notice. While he passed for 148 yards, the man rushed for 69. Some people have even dared to compare him to the great Michael Vick. While comparing any QB to Michael Vick can most of the time be a stretch, let’s ride with the wave for now. Once Hurts can fully establish his dominance over the QB position, a whole new light will shine in Philadelphia, and from the looks of it, if he and the team continue playing the way they are, then that light will be coming soon.

The Team Is Coming Together Under One Ideal, Dominating!

At the start of the season, especially during the initial stretch, it seemed like Philadelphia was playing in a plethora of different styles and ideas, with no real connection within the team. That did not work well for the team, but from some time until now, this Eagles team seems like they finally found a tune they could all rock to and it’s starting to pay dividends. On offense, for example, the Eagles have made it a point to not shy away from the fact that their game is all about running the ball. They are investing heavily into creating a run-heavy offensive scheme that has been put to the test against some of the league’s best defenses against the run and has succeeded every time. What’s most shocking, is that they managed to pull through in tremendous ways against two of the best run defenses in the league, while scoring their last two wins. At first against the Broncos and now against the Saints, who have the No.1 defense against the run in the league this season.

The mix of an explosive offensive line, with Jalen Hurts, who is really taking a liking to being a running QB and Myles Sanders taking all of the heavy loads on the rushing side of the offense is paying off greatly for Philly and it seems like they will not be shying away from continuing on their path as the season continues.

On the defensive side of the ball, I think we can all safely agree that the Eagles’ defense was not up to par to not say they were stinking throughout the first half of the season. Philadelphia, who has been known for being physical and commanding on defense seemed like they were more into playing like they were in a flag-football league instead of playing in the pros. Well, thankfully that stopped as well, with Philly’s defensive stances becoming more and more physical and focused on pressing on all sides of the field as time progresses. If this defense picks up where they know they can shine, with players like Fletcher Cox leading the way, they will be a scary unit to run into later in the season.

The Schedule!

If you haven’t taken the moment to check out the remaining games the Eagles have in their schedule, then, if you’re an Eagles fan, please do. In the remainder of their schedule, the Eagles have to play the Giants twice, the Jets once, Washington twice, and Dallas once. Now, I might not be an expert fortune teller, but I’m pretty positive that if Philadelphia finds their groove, they can easily score a couple of wins against the Giants, a win against New York, and a win against Washington if not even two.

The only game that stands out is their Week 18 matchup against Dallas, but if luck serves the Eagles right, they might end up facing a Dallas team who will be already well ahead into thinking about their upcoming postseason run and resting many of their usual starters. If by any chance the Eagles manage to get five wins out of their last six remaining games, I am more than positive that one of the wild card spots will be theirs.

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