Kyle Kuzma Has The Most Ridiculous Thread on Twitter Right Now

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Kyle Kuzma is off to a hot start for the Wiz this season, averaging 14/9/2 for a team that finds itself just below the Bulls in 4th place in the Eastern Conference with a 10-7 record.

Kyle Kuzma is also one of the best follows on social in the league, and the thread below is one of the funniest i’ve encountered in a long time. The debate of what’s cooler: rapper or pro athlete, is one that has been around since the inception of rap. The crux of Kuzma’s tweet is that rappers frequently shade NBA players in their songs but 99% of them would get absolutely smoked if they actually were to matchup. But this blog isn’t to debate the right or wrong answer there, but to showcase some of the best replies to Kuz’s thread.

The first song I thought of when I read the main tweet was “Switch” by SahBabii for his poetic line about Ben Simmons, and looks like I wasn’t the only one who thought of this:

Any and all Ben Simmons slander in songs are welcomed by this blogger. But SahBabii wasn’t the only one to rap about Ben Simmons’ flaws, as another Twitter friend put Money Man’s “On the Go” in which Mr. Man literally slanders Ben 3 seconds into the song.

Oh wait, there’s one more from Griselda’s Conway the Machine. The lyrics Conway uses here allow me to visualize a Ben Simmons jumper and the ensuing sound of said jumper clanking off the corner of the backboard: a glorious symphony us here in Philly have from Ben’s 34 (!) career attempts in 4 NBA seasons.

But Ben isn’t the only NBA’er to get slandered by rappers:

Manu Ginobili should be on the phone right now with his lawyers for this stray bullet from Uzi. Just a tough look for Manu, who by all accounts is a marvelous human being.

I don’t know how The Game is still alive after this. I know LeBron is a “peace not war” guy but that’s a god damn nuclear missile aimed at the James family. Great song, though.

RIP Dolph. If he said Mike Conley was overpaid, then Mike Conley was mf overpaid.

And the MOST disrespectful of all, Mr. Philadelphia Meek Mill. The above lyric is actually aimed at Kuzma. Imagine you wake up on a New Music Friday, see a new Meek album, throw the AirPods in expecting a solid jam sesh only to hear subliminal messaging about your girl getting her back blown out by the man singing in your ears. I guess having millions of dollars can help get you back up but you have to be down bad after hearing that.

That’s the blog. I hope you enjoyed that thread as much as I did. If you like sports, follow me on Twitter. I talk about sports: @JamesSantore

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