My Max Play Hit Yesterday And I Think I Have Another One Here

Yesterday gave out a max play bet on my tik tok. Louisville team total over 39.5. I saw the number and it shocked me, I almost didn’t play it because it felt too easy. But I did and thank god I trusted my gut because it covered with 7:46 left in the third quarter.

As easy as easy goes. And I jumped on the old betting app earlier today and I think I may have found another max play tonight. I’ve been dabbling with the player performances in the NBA, parlaying them together and getting a really strong line that I line. Tonight I found two that I think are easy winners and parlayed together give us a great number.

Now this a commercial blog, so to get the play you need to follow me on Tik Tok: JoeyProps

Click the link, follow me and I’ll drop the max play at noon today. And because I am such a gentleman, I’ll give you 1 of the two legs now because I feel like it isn’t a bad bet by itself if you don’t mind a little juice.

Leg 1 is James Harden to record a double double and the Nets to win. Nets host the magic tonight, the money line for that game is like -850. The nets are winning that’s a lock. James Harden gets double doubles left and right, the combined play gives you -135 odds. So make sure to follow on Tik Tok for leg 2 of the parlay and let’s make some cash together.

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