DeVante Adams Thinks Zac Stacy Should Be Put Under The Jail After The Domestic Violence Video, And I Agree

Fuck this guy. Seriously. That was one of the saddest, scariest and upsetting videos I’ve ever seen. Her begging him to stop after she was just thrown into a tv, punched and then slammed through a child’s bouncer. All while said child, is FEET away. I don’t know when this video is from or who released it but if Zac Stacy isn’t in handcuffs asap that is a huge problem. I know he no longer plays in the NFL but if this isn’t a bigger story, as it seems to be the case with women that get abused by NFL players, something needs to change. If every channel is going to make Aaron Rodgers’ COVID vaccine dos and don’ts front page headlines, let’s do the same with these stories too. Any man that throws around the mother of their child like this needs to be locked up forever. There is literally nothing that would justify these actions, which is why I’ll tell you to not go read the comments. I’m sure there is a string of people defending this behavior and blaming her for ‘doing something to provoke this.’ To them I say you should be locked up too or sterilized. Don’t need your dumb brain and morale compass procreating.

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