Ben Simmons Commits NCAA Violation With Big 5 Team


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Yeah, you read that right. How does a guy who signed a max contract in the NBA commit an NCAA violation? By practicing and scrimmaging with said team instead of playing for his NBA team:

Ah, what a shame. St Joe’s may get an NCAA rules violation for knowingly letting an enemy of Philadelphia partake in practices? Hate to see it.

This is truly a deadly trio of things that nobody likes: Ben Simmons, St Joe’s, and the NCAA making ridiculous rules that are for the betterment of no one.

This situation continues to trend in a worse direction on the daily with Ben continuing to be fined $350k per missed game by the Sixers and Klutch speaking out against the team publicly. Add in the uncertainty around Embiid’s health and a five-game losing streak, and a hot start to the season is now muddied with questions about what happens next.

Hopefully, we can get a solid return for Ben at the deadline, but until then let’s hope St Joe’s gets hit with some hefty NCAA violations as a result of Philly’s favorite sabotage artist. Go Explorers.

Concern For Joel Embiid’s Return Timeline?

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