Taylor Swift Has Done It Again

I am not afraid to admit I’m a big T-Swift guy, always have been always will be. I even have pictures to prove it…

Talk about a power couple am I right? Anyway, Taylor dropped her version of Red today and my god is it absolutely incredible. We even got a ten minute version of All Too Well and she goes IN on it, I mean like she absolutely kills it.

On top of this album drop she is also dropping a short film with All Too Well later on today.

I’m looking forward to checking this out later today as it should be fire just like the album.

For us dudes though, we’re fucked gentleman. Taylor dropped this and whether you’re in a relationship or single there’s a women out there that is furious with you right now and you may or may not hear about it. So if your significant other or the person you’re talking to is mad at you today just let it happen. This album is an emotional experience for all of us Taylor fans so just apologize even if you think you didn’t do anything wrong.

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