Jim Belushi Channels His Inner Randy Marsh With Real Life Tegridy Farms

Imagine scrolling the timeline and stumbling upon the devilishly handsome Jim Belushi (best known for his work in the smash hit “According to Jim”) strapped with enough grass to make Snoop Dogg jealous.

But the flower isn’t what caught my attention. What caught my attention is how freaking similar Jim Belushi is to American hero and 5x “Father of the Year” Award Winner, Randy Marsh.

South Park season 23 has learned same hard lesson as The Simpsons

For those of you that are so uncultured that you are unfamiliar with the work of Randy Marsh, he is the Owner and Cultivator of South Park’s own “Tegridy Farms.” Randy moved his family from the suburbs to the farm, which is something I am 1000% assuming Jim has done with his family as well.

I for one am excited to see Jim Belushi continue to develop into the real-life Randy Marsh. I am selfishly hoping for Jim to challenge Bat Dad in the Colorado Little League Playoffs this summer like Randy once did:

But Belushi’s endeavor is no joke. Jimmy B. is the owner of Belushi’s Farm out in Colorado where they grow and sell marijuana in CO and OR. This below image cements Belushi as an all-time cool guy:

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