Boiling Down Belmont Stakes Betting Possibilities: 5 Trends To Practice

Dubbed as the “True Test of Champions” and “The Run For The Carnations,” the Belmont Stakes is one the America’s most reputable horse racing competitions. Also, it serves as the final swing of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. Horses who ran from Preakness and Kenty lucky Derby are most likely to appear at Belmont.


The Belmont Stakes happens every June, succeeding the “Run for the Roses” and “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans.” Not only is it one of the most anticipated shows, but horse racing fans are looking forward to the deserving Triple Crown candidate who can clinch the said prestigious award. 


Another reason that makes Belmont Stakes popular is the betting games. As the final leg of the Triple Crown, the number of betting games you can play is overwhelming. While it’s true that many races are happening every year, here are a few belmont stakes predictions and odds you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Kentucky Derby Champs

The first leg of the Triple Crown Series happens through the Kentucky Derby. It happens every first week of May. Before a horse can finally get a ticket to the Run For The Roses, they must undergo Derby trails and earn Derby-qualifying points. It is one of the most challenging tasks every racehorse must fulfill. 


When betting for the Belmont Stakes, you must initially notice the horses who ran in the Derby. It is where the Triple Crown hopefuls are introduced so you can review their forms throughout their journey. When it’s time for you to gamble at Belmont Stakes, consider the Derby champions and the runners-up. 

Preakness Stakes Warriors 

Another trend to look at when risking for the Belmont Stakes are the Preakness Stakes warriors. Called the Run For The Black-Eyed Susans, the Preakness Stakes is the second jewel of the  Triple Crown. Most of the Derby winners are competing at this stage to continue their search for the crown. 


Do know that for a horse to qualify at the Triple Crown, he must win the Derby, Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. Although Preakness Stakes only allow a maximum of ten to fifteen horses saddling in the field, the Derby champ must secure another win at Preakness to be eligible for the Triple Crown. Thus, you should always look into how each horse places and performs in the first two races before laying your hard-earned money at Belmont. 

Notice The Big Favorites 

In many sports betting games, tipsters would typically advise getting away with the top favorites. However, in horse racing such as the Belmont Stakes, the big favorites are something you must take heed of. These are usually the entries who earned the best lines and odds throughout their racing journey before reaching the Belmont Stakes. 


Unlike other sports,  successful racehorses are honed by talents, skills, and experience. A horse that is proficient enough about the racecourse he’s competing in is more likely to finish the race successfully. So, when you find yourself wagering at the Belmont Stakes, find the entries that appear as the top favorites. 


Discern Versatile Horses 


Racehorses undergo months and years of training before they are sent to huge competitions. In fact, they are bred accordingly, and most of them were honed at different types of racecourses. With this, it’s important to find those versatile horses who can adjust impressively at any given course like Belmont.


Do know that the Belmont Stakes has the longest racecourse out of the three Triple Crown jewels. For that reason, it is dubbed as the “True Test Of Champions.” When you find a horse that is amenable to run in this type of course and can easily adjust whether the climate during the race day is humid or not, then they are worth risking for. 

Stick With Straight Bets 

Like any horse racing game happening, Straight Bets and Exotic Wagers are the two main wagering categories you can gamble. The Exotic Wagers are challenging as you have to choose the horses that can win in the correct order. Do know that the competition is tougher at this stage, and if you are a newbie bettor, this might not work. 


In that case, you should focus on Straight Bets. The Win, Place, and Show in this category allow you to find and pick successful horses in any order they appear. Aside from that,  it does not require too much money to play, so you can fully enjoy your Belmont betting game. 

Final Thoughts 

Betting in horse racing like the Belmont Stakes is fun yet risky. As the final stretch of the Triple Crown Series, finding horses that can win all the way is difficult. But, with the Belmont Stakes betting trends, you can practice above, your chance of earning in the wagering games is like a walk in the park.

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