Three Reasons Why The Eagles Should Put A Claim In For Odell Beckham Jr

Let’s me start out by saying by no means do I think Howie Roseman will claim Odell Beckham Jr, but I do believe they should and here and the three reasons one.

1. He’s Odell Beckham Jr

I mean there’s no really much more I have to say other than he’s Odell Beckham Jr. The guy when used correctly and injury free is a top 10 receiver in the game of football and that’s just the facts.

His time in Cleveland shouldn’t be looked at as the future for OBJ. Cleveland relies heavily on the run and Baker Mayfield never seemed to get a good connection with Beckham Jr. It always seemed as Mayfield preferred to hit his slot receivers majority of the time.

Bringing in a veteran with his caliber should be a no brainer for this organization.

2. Low risk/High reward

With the reworking of the contract between OBJ and the Browns, he will only get worth the vet minimum and with the Eagles having $21 million to play around with, I don’t know how you don’t jump all over this opportunity.

If he comes in and looks like New York Giants OBJ then you get an absolute steal this season, and beyond. He’s only worth $13.75 million per season over the next two season. That’s not the best part. He’s is worth $0 against the cap so if he plays poorly and isn’t there mentally, the Eagles can release him with no guarantees. As I said, low risk, high reward.

3. Playoff push?

PLAYOFFS? You kidding me? Playoffs?

Now let me explain. I’m in no way saying this team make will make the playoffs, but I am saying bringing in an OBJ 100% raises your chances.

The Eagles have the easiest schedule remaining in the NFL, and are currently somehow in the running for that 3rd wildcard spot.

With the remaining schedule and adding a dawg in OBJ, who knows? Crazier things have happened in this city Amirite?

Make it happen Howie! I beg of you.

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