Browns Put Odell Beckham Jr On Waivers. Eagles Fans?

Insane how this is going but it sounds like Odell will be put on waivers for a team to claim him. If he doesn’t get picked up he’ll become a free agent. Will he make it through waivers? Depends on what this reworked contract looks like. If it’s favorable some team might take a run at him. If not, he’ll most likely make it to free agency.

So, Eagles fans. Would you want OBJ on the team? It’s an interesting question because a stud wide receiver would definitely make an impact for the offense. Not only through the air but on the ground as well. It would force defenses to play a little more honest in the secondary which would open the box for the running backs. That’s if Sirianni would run it in the first place. But on the other hand, is Odell washed at this point?

He hasn’t touched 1,000 yards in two years, he only played 7 games last year where he pulled down a mere 319 yards. Also he’s kind of a diva. Not sure a young roster or locker room needs that right now. Will be interesting to see this play out, the fear is he ends up in Dallas with that already high powered offense. But maybe he goes and destroys them from within. Here’s to hoping.

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