Darren Sproles’Daughter Might Be A Better Runningback Than Him

You can’t teach speed they say and judging by this video, that’s never been more true. The Sproles’ speed gene might be the strongest gene known to man. Holy shit this girl is fast. I’m being 100% honest when I say this, she can play college football. That speed, you don’t need her running between the tackles, just spell her out give her the ball in space and watch her go. “bUt WhAt If ShE gEtS tAcKlEd JoE???”

Um she won’t. I was gassed just watching her run and if she has any of papa’s elusiveness, she’ll be just fine. I’m not saying she needs to go to the SEC but you’re insane if you think this girl can’t lead the PSAC in rushing.

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