Multiple Teams Calling About Fletcher Cox Today

This is an interesting situation. There were rumors earlier this week that Cox was getting some interest (lol). Now on the big day it looks like that is heating up even more. The problem with trading Fletcher Cox is that he is way too expensive to move right now. 2021 cap hit of $23.9 million and in 2022 that number is at $23.8 million. That is a lot of money to move around to get someone traded. Especially a player that is getting older and it’s showing on the field. The other thing stopping a Fletcher Cox deal is Howie Roseman. He has said he wants a high draft pick in return for Cox if a deal were to happen. And no team is giving up anything higher than a third, in my opinion, for him at this time. So while it sounds like more and more teams are calling. Or Howie is put that out there to drive up the price. I can’ see a scenario that he isn’t an Eagles at the end of the day.

But then again. I didn’t se Denver just handing Von Miller to the Rams for quite nothing.

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