Ben Simmons Says He Prefers To Be Traded To….

It’s been a little bit since we’ve had a Ben Simmons trade update but over the weekend, some rumors came out about where Ben would like to see himself in the next chapter of his career. Weird to be even suggesting teams when you have been so defiant but hey, here we are.

According to Evan Massey:

According to one league source, Simmons would still prefer to be traded. His preferred destination if a trade does occur is the Warriors, who he believes would be a perfect fit for the next chapter of his career.

From a Sixers’ perspective I see zero chance he ends up on the Warriors. The young talent that Golden State would be looking to give up in return for Ben isn’t going to be appealing to Philadelphia. The idea would be that Andrew Wiggins would be the center piece of that deal and I just don’t see how that fits Daryl Morey’s plan of immediate impact to help the Sixers. Unless Morey backs off his stance that he wants someone that can help the Sixers right away, the Golden State Warriors are not going to be the landing spot for Simmons, no matter how much he wants to go there.

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