Is Patrick Mahomes’ Life In Danger?

I’m not exactly sure why a few 4 month old Tik Tok videos have resurfaced on Twitter today, October 29th, but any publicity is good publicity at this time for the Mahomes family it seems.

In this video from June 2021, months after Patrick Mahomes continued the Chiefs dynasty with a Super Bowl loss to Tom Brady scoring only 9 points, Patrick Mahomes can be seen in a battle for his life while his fiance and brother film a classic Tik Tok dance video. The chips in front of him seem to be the only way of escaping the reality of his personal caged hell off of the football field.

The worst thing about Patrick Mahomes is everyone within his circle, followed closely by the fact that he might not actually be the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. But upon reflection of these past events, as well as the current state of the Kansas City Chiefs, it wouldn’t be the craziest question to ask if perhaps the life and well being of Patrick Mahomes is currently at stake in Jackson Mahomes’ Tik Tokkin hands.

If this truly is the case, and Patrick Mahomes sold his soul for the yearlong 1 Super Bowl dynasty, was it worth it? Would you trade 1 Super Bowl ring for you team if it meant you had to have Brittany and Jackson follow you everywhere?

Throw an interception a game if you need help, Patty.


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