This Girl Tried To Bang Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend, Silvana, In Front Of Dave Portnoy

What a headline, amirite? Dave and Silvana, just hanging out at a bar and boom, enter Haley. She’s looking good, feeling frisky, sees a smokeshow and takes her shot. Decides to go the ask the best friend route and whoopsie, that’s her girlfriend. First off, has to feel amazing when a girl walks up to you and is trying to hook up with your girlfriend. Means you’re working with a gal that is appealing to any and everyone. Which let’s be honest, Silvana is a certified heavy weight champion. She has a doctorate in throwing Instagram haymakers.

Now the funniest part about this entire video is Dave saying ‘I work for Barstool Sports.’ Just laugh out loud funny move by Portnoy. That is basically the same as if you asked the President what he does and he said, ‘I work at the White House.’ Just salt of the Earth man of the people stuff right here from good old Pres. And then to run into PFT and Hank the same night and have Hank call himself Colton while PFT blows up his spot right in front of him. Her head had to be spinning. Up is down, left is right. Poor girl probably had no idea if she dreamt the entire thing at this point.

Good for her for taking her shot. Hope she lands her very own Silvana one day, she deserves it.

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