What In The Hell Is Nick Sirianni Saying


I am so far out on this guy it’s not even funny. Our team sucks and he is part of the main problem. Week in and week out he has been getting out coached and it’s been so obvious. We should have one of the best running games in the league but instead he has refused to give Miles Sanders the appropriate amount of touches and now Sanders is hurt.

Then he has these press conferences talking about plants and shit. Hey asshole, I don’t need these stupid ass metaphors, go out and win a damn football game. None of us expected the Eagles to be great this year but for fucks sake this team has been piss poor and it’s infuriating.

Honestly, I hope we just lose out at this point but that won’t even be good because then we will have the other dumbass Howie Roseman drafting multiple times in the top ten. We all know how great he is at drafting, so I’m sure this will all workout well.

Football season is over, so join me and come hop on the Flyers bandwagon.

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