NBA Picks – 10/27/2021

What an awful night to start blogging my NBA picks huh? I go 5-3 the night before, figured if I commit to blogging the picks I won’t forget because I continue to forget to just tweet them out BUT I got killed last night. 1-2 and lost the parlay so really 1-3. Tonight is a get right night, though.

Hopping right into it, Hornets -5. One of the hottest teams in the league playing , arguably, the worst team in the league. Trust in young Melo.

Hawks -5, this feels like a sucker bet. Hawks should be -5 when the Pelicans are fully healthy. With no Zion I don’t know how this isn’t a double digit win for Atlanta.

Heat +3.5 against the Nets in Brooklyn. I know what you’re thinking but listen. Miami will do well during the regular season and fall apart in the playoffs. We’ve seen this story before. BUT so far the Nets have been in full KD bail us out mode which is a bad start to the year. Miami is going to be physical and Harden is not getting the calls he is used to.

Raptors -1, I just don’t think the Pacers are good. Pretty much that simple.

Bucks -6.5, wolves have been okay and I do like a lot of the guys on the team but I have to roll with the defending champs against a team of much lesser skill.

This game is actually my parlay of the week but we will get to that in a minute. I have Grizzlies ML against the Blazers in Portland. Might be crazy but until Dame starts acting like Dame and while Ja is gonna put 30 on everyone, I’ll keep riding with the youngins.

Last straight play tonight I have Cavs +8 in LA. I think I just really like this young core the Cavs have and will root for them until Cleveland inevitably ruins it.

Drum roll please…

The “I don’t know how this thing loses” parlay is here!

+1100, I mean tell me how this loses oh that’s right you can’t because it won’t.

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