Fake Eagles Fan Taking Shots At @GioThePodcaster


Get a load of this (in my opinion) piece of walking and talking dogshit. If you are an Eagles fan, you know who Gio the podcaster is. He is a young man that has built up a nice following on twitter and podcasting because he is an Eagles fan and also a huge Carson Wentz guy. Last week he was out in Indy cheering on Wentz and the Colts in what was a heart warming reunion of what I would call friends at this point.

All well and good. Giovanni out there hanging out with Carson. Not a single Eagles fan thought anything of it. Not a one. We all collectively thought the same thing and that was, ‘awwww good for these two.’ Do we as the Philadelphia Eagles fan base love Carson Wentz. I’d say no. Kinda of a mixed bag. Some fans wish he was still here, some don’t and everything in-between. BUT not a single fan thinks he is a bad guy and if you support him you’re an ass hole. At least that’s what I thought until Lord Brunson introduced me to this video I wish I ever knew existed.

A lot to unpack here so let’s start with the facts. This is a ugly, middle aged man that is jealous of a 14 year old boy for doing something he can’t do. And that is build a fanbase and a following of people that like him. You can hear and see the bitterness oozing out of his double chins with every word he says. He apparently has an issue with the fact that a CHILD, because that’s what Gio is, is a fan of a player that no longer plays for the Eagles. What type of little dick energy is that shit? He says, ‘it isn’t a good look. Thank you adult sitting in a Target parking lot recording himself taking shots at a child with serious health issues. Where would we be without your beacon of moral guidance?

The funniest part about all of this is towards the end when he says ‘if you want to do that in your free and keep it off twitter and don’t post it that’s fine.’ Bro, everything you do, everything you create with your little podcast that no one listens to and that’s where all this angry to steaming from. All of that stuff, I don’t want to speak for the entire Eagles fan base like you apparently like to do. But WE ALL wish you’d do that shit in your free, time not post it on twitter or youtube and please shut the fuck up forever.

If you want to want to see more this dude’s horrible takes and thoughts you can go look up his youtube channel and podcast, I’m not going to give you the name of it because he doesn’t deserve the free views. But here I can do this, I’ll give you his twitter account so you can go there. Let’s just find a random tweet from him to use….hmmmmmm….there has to be something….oh yes. How about this masterpiece of a tweet

There ya go.

PS: Not for nothing because I’m not a fan base gate keeper. Root for whoever you want but to say Gio going to Indy wearing a Colts jersey is wrong and this is also you. Be a bigger hypocrite you loser.

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