The Guy Who Gave Back Tom Brady’s 600th TD Pass Doesn’t Deserve Anything

I’m so fucking sick of hearing about this guy that Mike Evans inadvertently tossed Tom Brady’s 600th career touchdown pass to who, without hesitation, returned it to some TB12 unpaid intern. It completely overshadowed #NationalTightEndDay if we’re being honest, and I don’t think he deserves anything at all.

Unless I am missing something, a random fan who has somehow come into front row tickets in the end zone, wearing a very stupid hat nonetheless, was just handed a game used ball for doing nothing other than attending a professional football game in Florida?

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First of all no one is ever going to know if it’s the exact fucking ball. Just grab another one, rub some turf on it, and put it in a glass cage for people to pay $25 for a GA ticket to walk by it in a museum. That ball’s not that special.

This guy isn’t even an internet sensation. Can’t be shocked when Suns in 4 guy comes out with a merch line, but if Byron Kennedy tries to release one graphic t-shirt I will leave the country. Why is he with Andrew Siciliano publicly giving demands from Tom Brady for something he doesn’t even have anymore. I kinda wish Tom Brady was just like ‘nah move along, what football?’

A child who overcame cancer sat seats away, got a measly 4 yard check down ball from Tom Brady, and his parents are probably wondering where their bitcoin is to pay off all those medical bills, but give the guy who asks Matthew Berry for fantasy advice a $63K cherry.

And why are people mad at him for not ‘demanding $500K’ like they’d be down there telling Tom Brady to write a check? Imagine if the headline was like “Grown Adult Man Won’t Give A Football To Tom Brady”. That is so bad for that guy’s brand. $500K isn’t enough for fuck you money. Girls don’t drop their panties for the I held Tom Brady’s important football hostage to get a bitcoin guys. And that’s not even an automatic check–you have to find someone in the market to drop $500K on a football that spent half its life up an offensive lineman’s scrotum. It’s a cool artifact, but I can’t imagine there’s a big market for that.

The man wanted a round of golf with Tom Brady and got a pretty good deal in return. Simpler minds than mine would make a Bill Belichick bad trade joke, but I’m still waiting for that 6th round conditional pick turn into the next Gronk.

I do love the addition of the giftcards though. My guy is gonna have a full set of Scotty Miller bobbleheads by Christmas.


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