Eagles Fan Calls Into WIP To Sing A Song About Jeffery Lurie

We’ve reached weird times here in Philadelphia. The Eagles are trash and at this point it’s time to start thinking about draft picks. The Eagles will have an opportunity to pick 3 times in the top 12 if the cards fall correctly. Could change the landscape of the franchise forever. Could also not matter because Philadelphia is the worst drafting team ever seen in the NFL.

But now we’ve got fans calling into WIP and Aneglo to sing songs about the owner. And I’ve got to say…..it’s not too bad.

Lady has an amazing voice, like legit has some pipes. Problem is it’s not catchy enough, we need something that is going to get the toes tapping lady. See what those idiots just did with island boy. They can’t sing worth a lick and it’s everywhere. Need to worry less about your skills and more about a hook. Jeffrey is an idiot boy. Or something like that. I’d say going some classic Italian song about Sirianni but I’m not sure you can do that in 2021.

PS: I’m Italian, I’m allowed to suggest that.

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