The Flyers Have Already Won The Atkinson For Voracek Trade

Call me crazy as were only three games into the season and maybe I’m just riding the high of the last two wins for the Flyers but, we’ve won the trade with Columbus already.

Cam Atkinson has been stellar during the first three games of the season and it has been an incredible sight. In last nights win over the Boston Bruins Atkinson netted two goals. The combination of Atkinson, Brassard, and Farabee has been the hottest line in the NHL to start the season.

Atkinson’s shoot first ability is something the Flyers have lacked for a very long time. It’s such a refreshing thing to see when you have your top guys coming down the ice and just firing the puck on net. Not only has Atkinson contributed plenty in his first three games, he has also improved the play of those around him.

Last year Joel Farabee burst onto the scene becoming one of the Flyers top goal scorers. We’re all hoping he can continue that success into this year. So far, so good and a lot of that has to do with Cam Atkinson and Derrick Brassard. Farabee is going to continue to get the opportunities to shine with this line as all three guys have proven as a threat to score. If this line can continue to produce at the level they have been, they are going to create matchup nightmares for whoever they play.

The Flyers have been fun to start this season as the offense is firing on all cylinders. Atkinson has four points in his first three games and as for Voracek he has three points in his first three games, all assist. I loved Voracek during his time here but he just never became the goal scorer this team needed. He’s a great playmaker but the Flyers needed a legit goal scorer. We finally have that with Cam Atkinson and his shoot first mentality has translated to the rest of the team.

Maybe it’s a little early to call the trade a win, but the energy that this team has is much different than past years and hopefully it continues for the entire season. Obviously there have been other additions that have made this team have a different feel, but I feel like Atkinson is one of the biggest reasons.

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