The Celtics Are So Back

Last night the rest of the league started their season and the Celtics, specifically Jaylen Brown, did not disappoint.

In a double OT thriller against the Knicks Jaylen Brown scored a career high 46 points. It was also the most points scored by a Celtic on opening night ever! Jaylen was just cleared to play two days ago after testing positive for Covid.

The Knicks ultimately held on and won on the backs of Julius Randle and former Celtic, Evan Fournier. They both balled out. I’m not sure if they ate their Wheaties or maybe had on a fresh pair of new underwear.

Celtics lost but I think this team can make some noise this year. I mean Tatum isn’t gonna put up a lot of duds like he did last night. Very happy with Ime and his rotations. Al coming back should help, I just want a lot less of Grant Williams.

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