Jason Kelce Says What All Of Philly Is Thinking

From a guy that has always gotten what it’s like to play in Philadelphia you love to hear this. It’s pretty damn simple Ben, just play better and stop being a bitch and we’ll all love you. We’ve done nothing but support you for all these years and how have you repaid us?

But taking your ball and going home and then coming back and acting like such a little bitch. All we ask is that you shoot some jump shots and make some damn free throws. As a professional basketball player I don’t think thats too much to ask for.

At this point, I’d rather the Sixers continue to fine and suspended him then trade him. It’s hilarious at this point and honestly after last nights game, I think we might be just fine without him. So Ben, listen to what Jason Kelce is saying and stop bitching and moaning and start playing better.

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