Deshaun Watson Says He Will Not Play For The Philadelphia Eagles

Welp, that’s that for the Deshaun Watson pipe dream. He wants no parts of the Eagles organization and hey, can you blame him at this point? At least when it comes to Howie Roseman sounding like thirsty high school boy at his senior prom. In an interview with Zach Gelb, Deshaun’s agent said that the quarterback will not waive his no trade clause to play in Philadelphia.

Sounds like Miami is the only spot that could land Deshaun Watson. Insane to think you’d rather play for that team instead of the Eagles. Their roster is not as good as Philadelphia’s and the Eagles look like they are much much closer to turning it around than the Dolphins. But hey, if a guy likes the weather that much that whatever. Have fun never wining the division and always being the team nobody cares about. That is of course if Deshaun gets the opportunity to ever play football again. He still needs to figure out this whole 20+ sexual abuse allegations against him. Kind of a big deal.

So once again I will say it. Get Matt Corral to Philadelphia.

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