Stop The Count! Eagles Draft Pick Updates And Potential Prospects For The 2022 NFL Draft

Well well well, look at what we have here. If you would have asked me in August, do I think the Eagles would have a chance at three first round picks, I would have laughed and told you that you were shot out, but here we are. STOP THE COUNT! END THE SEASON NOW!

The Eagles currently hold the 3rd, 8th, and potentially 11th pick (looking more and more likely every week). From a present stand point, you hate seeing the team lose and it’s frustrating as a fan because you see the potential, but for the future this couldn’t keep working out any more perfect. This years upcoming NFL Draft is LOADED with defensive talent, and the skills positions. I’m going to go over a few prospects per selection that would make a ton of sense for the Eagles.

Pick 3:

Kayvon Thibodeaux DE 6’5 258 lbs Oregon

Let me start out by say, I’m not even sure he will be there at three. Thibodeaux is without a doubt the most dominate player in this upcoming draft. His rare mix of size, speed, and dominance is something Howie Roseman can not pass up if he is available with the 3rd overall pick.

This kid is on of the most guaranteed sure fire players in this entire draft. I believe his game will translate even more fluidly in the NFL game. Look at guys like Joey Bosa, TJ Watt, Chandler Jones, they are the kind of guys I believe Thibodeaux will transform into and this city needs a premiere pass rusher.

Kyle Hamilton S 6’4 220 lbs Notre Dame

With the Eagles selecting at three, and Thibodeaux off the board, Kyle Hamilton would be almost a no brainer here. Think of Isaiah Simmons with more ball skills, that’s what you would have in Kyle Hamilton.

I really don’t want to be cliche and use a former Fighting Irish player as a comparison to look forward to, but Hamilton plays and holds himself extremely similar to Minnesota Vikings Safety Harrison Smith. Eagles fans, I’d kill for a Harrison Smith here.

Hamilton instantly gives you someone who can fill that Malcom Jenkins role, but not only that, he can play over the top as well. With 136 tackles and 8 INTs in 3 years at Notre Dame, you can plug and play Hamilton right out the gate and he will give you production. Besides KT, I don’t think there’s another not miss prospect besides Kyle Hamilton.

Pick 8:

Ahmad Gardner CB 6’3 200 lbs Cincinnati

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner is my favorite cornerback prospect in the entire 2022 NFL draft. The moxy and swag Gardner plays oozes confidence. Confidence is great but can be back it up? The answer is a flat out yes.

This years draft is filled with top notch cornerback prospects, but in my opinion Gardner is the best “lock down/coverage” corner available. According to PFF, since 2020 (over 500+ snaps), Gardner has only allowed 268 yards, 12 first downs, and 0 touchdowns. That in itself is an eye popping stat like that you can overlook.

Not only does Gardner cover well, he’s not afraid to stick his neck out and lay the boom on the ball carrier. That to me screams a complete cornerback.

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner isn’t a want for me, he is a NEED. If he is available with the 8th overall pick, the Howie Roseman should sprint like Forrest Gump to the podium to hand Roger Godell the draft card.

DeMarvin Leal DT/DE 6’4 290 lbs Texas A&M

DeMarvin Leal is one of those players that you don’t come around very often. The unique blend of size, speed, and strenght is very Aaron Donald like.

Very similar to Donald, Leal has been labeled a bit of a “tweener“ due to his weight. I don’t see or have an issue with his size because of his ability to be versatile. Leal has the ability to be able to play inside and out. His quickness and power will keep him in the league for a long time. There’s no doubt about that.

With Fletcher Cox getting up there in age, and the amount of money he is due in 2022, the Eagles need to start thinking about their future dline. Yes they just drafted Milton Williams who I do like, but don’t love him like I do Leal. The projections of Leal are just much higher than Williams and you need to create the pass dline and pass rush you possibly can in this league.

With 5.5 sacks in only 5 games this season, his production shouldn’t be up for questioning. This kids got it, and I think Howie Roseman would be licking his chops if Leal is available at 8.

Pick 11:

Nakobe Dean LB 6’1 225 lbs Georgia

Yea yea yea, I know it’s a pipe dream, but I do not care. Howie Roseman may not select linebackers in the first round, but he 100% should this year.

Nakobe Dean is one of those freaky athletes who looks and plays like he was created in a lab somewhere. Not only is Dean athletic, he possesses the smarts and IQ to be a successful MLB in the NFL for 10+ years.

First and foremost, Dean is most likely the best run stopper in the entire linebacker class, and I don’t think it’s close. Secondly, Dean’s athletic ability gives him the ability to be “sticky” in pass coverages.

The knock on Dean is that his frame won’t allow him to gain much more weight, and holds him back from blitzing inside. To be honest though, Dean’s ability to blitz from the stand up position on the outside is elite and that would be beneficial to this teams success moving forward.

Treylon Burks WR 6’3 225 lbs Arkansas

I don’t think I have to really convince you that the Eagles still need another wide receiver on this roster. With the Eagles already making two selections before this one, I think it’s right to add a receiver into the mix.

Treylon Burks is in the mix for WR1 right now, and I’m not opposed with the selection at 11. Why you ask? Well because, Burks is another case of a lab created human who does things at his size he shouldn’t be able to do.

Burks is a massive and lean 6’3 225 and runs a 4.3 40. He is dominate at the catch point and demonstrates the ability to make the “spectacular catch” that guys like Mike Williams, Odell Beckham Jr, and D Hop show week in and week out. Burks flexibility to bend and turn his body in different directions just displays how elite his body control is.

Guys like Chris Olave and Garret Wilson are going to be very good wide receivers in the NFL, if not great, I just feel what they provide is similar to the production you’ll get from DeVonta Smith. The Eagles need a big bodied X receiver who can go down the field and go up and get it. Howie Roseman thought he had that in JJaw but was mistaken. I’m here to say that Burks, is that guy, and he proves it week in and week out.

6 weeks into the college football season Burks has 38 receptions, 628 yards, and 5 touchdowns. The production just continues to show and playing in the SEC helps prove the point that Burks is the real deal.

Burks alongside with DeVonta Smith, Quez Watkins, and Dallas Goedert is a group of skills players I’d absolutely love to have in midnight green for a long time. Wait I didn’t mention Jalen Reagor? Yea that was purposeful. The energy, production, and motivation just doesn’t seem to be there for Reagor and I don’t know if it ever will. So with that being said, a wide receiver at 11 would be a no brainer in my book.

There are a ton of other guys I’d vouche for with our three selections but the guys I’ve named are guys in present time I believe make the most sense and the most realistic chance of being available and being chosen by Howie Roseman and his staff.

This will be a reaccuring blog until the end of the NFL season, so make sure to tune in every week and for more draft videos/analysis follow me on Twitter @ajtorres1230

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