Joel Embiid And Doc Rivers Make It Clear, They Are Done With Ben Simmons

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s it for Ben in Philly. He will never wear a Sixers jersey ever again in my humble opinion. Didn’t show up to his press conference today at noon because Doc Rivers had to kick him out of practice. Ya know, like you do to high schoolers. But Doc and Embiid both made their press conferences and boy oh oy, they did not hold back one little bit.

Joel Embiid here, saying ‘I don’t care about that man” and in this clip saying he isn’t here to baby sit.

And then Doc gave some information about why Ben Simmons was tossed out of practice and suspended for tomorrow night’s season debut.

I hate to see it and I love to see it. Love to see that the team is focuses on themselves right now and not letting Ben hurt what they are trying to do. And Hate to see it because whether you like him or not, Ben Simmons can still play at a very high level in this league. He was supposed to be the missing piece to the process but that ship has sailed. Now if they can get something for him to keep themselves as contenders, I guess, in a way, he kinda still was.

RIP the Ben Simmons I hoped would be the truth.

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