Jimmy Butler Liking Anti Ben Simmons Videos

The Ben Simmons drama has hit a fever pitch. Does anyone around here even know that the NBA season actually started tonight? The Simmons news took front stage in Philadelphia all day. Which lead to places like Bleacher Report to make some pretty funny Ben Simmons content poking fun of the situation.

No harm no foul right? Well that is until you take a peak over at instagram where they posted it and look who is tossing likes………

Jimmy Butler getting into the mud. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. I wish Jimmy was still on this team right now. The quotes coming out of Sixers camp today were pretty eye opening with Joel Embiid saying he doesn’t care about this man anymore. Could you imagine what Jimmy Butler would be saying to Ben? He would be in the press conference calling Simmons a pussy. Like using the actual word pussy. The entire situation is banana land and until he is trade it’s only going to get worse. Sixers start the season tomorrow night what happens Thursday for practice, that will be quite the sight to see.

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