Ben Simmons: The Timeline of The NBA’s Greatest Villain

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I am blogging about Ben Simmons. And I really, really do not want to be doing this (see below). Today was supposed to be different with the hope of a semi-peaceful media interaction. And now? Ben Simmons has become the most fined player in NBA history, amassing $1.4 million in fines since rejoining the Sixers.

Ben Simmons was supposed to take the stage and talk to the media at Noon today. Myself, along with what I imagine to be a large portion of the NBA and Sixers community, immediately hopped on expecting the much maligned Aussie to try to put on a straight face for a few minutes. And then: 12:05 – no Ben; 12:10 – no Ben; 12:15? NO BEN. And finally?


Instead of taking the stage and talking to the media, Ben disengaged himself, pissed off his teammates and coach, and was able to parlay his childishness into an excuse to not give his much-anticipated press conference.

Now? The Sixers are a day away from Opening Night against the Pelicans and a man they’re paying a max contract to continues to dissuade any potential suitors from paying a decent price for him.

Simmons antics have actually been going on for years. But since Game 7 vs the Hawks in the 2021 playoffs, and honestly all of last season, Ben’s drama has continued to be the focal point for a team that literally had the FIRST SEED in the playoffs last season.

How did we get here? How did a guy who was drawing comparisons to guys like Magic Johnson and LeBron James coming out of LSU turn into a childish pariah who seemingly has zero self-awareness of the damage he is doing not only to the team and city who have given him EVERY chance, but to himself and his reputation?

Here’s a timeline leading up to the events above, in embedded-tweet form:

To be continued. Because this will seemingly never end. Tomorrow is Maxey’s time to shine. Let’s get it!

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