The NBA Is Back, Brandeds Official Power Rankings

The NBA is back tomorrow, there’s a little drama here and there (mostly because of the vaccine). That’s not what this blog is about though. No, today we’re talking power rankings. I’m the only blogger here who’s going to do one so this is the official power ranking of Branded Sports, whether they like it or not.

Not every team is going to get a description, I might just give them a number and let it rock. No teams might get a description, we’ll see.

30. Magic

29. Thunder- That Aussie might be good but please give Shai someone to pass to.

28. Rockets

27. Spurs

26. Cavaliers

25. Timberwolves- I love KAT, Ant and D. Lo but this team is just bad.

24. Wizards- Beal is going to look great in Celtics green in 4-8 months.

23. Pistons- Hopefully Cade is the savior.

22. Raptors- Going to be tough to beat every night but won’t win a lot of games.

21. Pelicans- Someone save Zion and BI, please. (Fire your GM!!!)

20. Pacers- Nice coach lol

19. Kings- Fire Luke Walton and play an ounce of defense I promise you’ll at worst be in the play in.

18. Bulls- Should be a very fun team but the lack of defense outside of Lonzo is going to a major issue all year.

17. Hornets

16. Grizzlies

15. Trail Blazers- The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

14. Knicks- I think I’m lower on this team than most people but I think last year was a bit flukey. Not that they’re bad, they should make the playoffs but are they the 4/5 seed? I don’t think so.

13. Clippers- Need Kawhi and Serge back. Don’t love the backcourt depth either. Reggie Jackson and Eric Bledsoe both starting doesn’t feel like a recipe for sustained success.

12. Mavericks- Luka is good. Hardaway is also good. That’s it.

11. Warriors- Playoff team for sure but not a Top 3 seed like some places are predicting.

10. Nuggets- Need Jamal back.

9. Heat- I don’t know what it is but I don’t see it. I can’t put into words what it is but I do not trust this team.

8. Celtics- Putting the first year coach sparkle on this team. They’ll go as far at Tatum and Brown can take them.

7. Jazz- Utah is not a real state.

6. 76ers- Even with the Ben drama this is still a good team. Doc will be good until it matters in the playoffs and if Joel can stay healthy he should be a MVP candidate again.

5. Hawks- One of, if not the, deepest teams in the league. Trae is that dude. Collins is that dude and Capella is going to average 15 boards again.

4. Suns- Pay Ayton, keep him in Phoenix and happy or this team has the potential to crumble.

3. Lakers- You could make an argument this team should be in any spot 1-10 and I could agree with you. A lot of hype, a lot of big names but they’re all 35+ for the most part. They should be good. If healthy they should be a top seed in the West but will they? We’ll see, maybe last year is just the new norm and they’ll get booted in the first round again.

2. Nets- This might be the best team in the league with or without Kyrie but I need to see it first.

1. Bucks- Reigning champs and they still have that Greek dude who is at worst the second best player in the league. Oh and he does this now…

I’m excited for the NBA to be back but I am a bit concerned these guys are going on season 3 in like 1.5 years. Really hoping for no major injuries or covid concerns.

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