ICYMI: Delusional Tennessee Fans Threw Water Bottles And Mustard At Lane Kiffin

Tennessee football fans are the absolute WORST. They somehow think they are a legit contending program in the SEC when in reality that are closer to being Vanderbilt than they are to being Alabama. And when you have people that delusional you’re going to run into some people that take things way too far. Enter last nights game.

Ole Miss beat the piss out of Tennessee. And I know it was a one score game and the Vols had an opportunity to tie it but if you watched that game it never felt that close. And as Kiffin was heading off the field this happened.

LOSERS!!! I hope they get their teeth kicked in every game for the rest of the 2020s. Like cry more you big orange babies. Lane is better off at Ole Miss and your school is destined for mediocrity in the SEC until the end of time. Peyton Manning isn’t coming back to save you, it’s over. Honestly they should move to the American so they have a chance at competing again.

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