The End of Times are Here: Pat Narduzzi Defends James Franklin

There has been quite the “back and forth” between Iowa and Penn State. Kirk Ferentz implies that Penn State players were faking injuries to get Iowa’s offense out of their rhythm and James Franklin denounces it entirely with a passionate 5-minute long rant. Then things made an unexpected turn. Coach Franklin received backing from a truly unlikely place, Pittsburgh.

When Pat Narduzzi was fielding questions about defensive tackle Keyshon Camp who went down with cramps against Georgia Tech. Narduzzi went out of his way to defend James Franklin.

“Lot of Talk about cramps and tempo this week. I don’t agree with James Franklin on a whole bunch, but James I’ve got your back. When you’re not playing a fast tempo offense, a team that huddles…that’s a bunch of baloney.”

To add even more spice to the conversation, Narduzzi was the defensive coordinator at Michigan State in 2011. Which was the last time Kirk Ferentz accused an opponent of faking injuries.

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