A Can’t Lose Parlay For Tonight’s Eagles Bucs Game And A Bonus Prop Play

The Can’t Lose Parlay is back tonight and guess what, it ain’t losing. Won on Monday Night Football as the Ravens pulled off the comeback to help cash it. Listen before we get into it, a note to the hater, which are many. Yes I know that these plays are 4 or 5 legs for even money but guess what, they win. So who cares if it’s not these wild +432423 odds. Those don’t win except for one time in a blue moon and they are made to get people like you to lose all their cash. Me on the other hand, I’m giving you free money. Take $100 and turn it into $200, no questions asked. That’s how it’s done ladies and gents.

Before we get into it, please follow my gambling tik tok account JoeyProps. Putting out sports betting plays and content daily on there. Don’t miss out.

So I present to you, Thursday Night Football Can’t Lose Parlay:

This is a bet it and forget it play. I’ll be riding this tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all locked up before we even get to the 4th quarter. Brady and Hurts are each going for 250+ and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brady touch 400. Smith will have 40+ by the end of the 1st quarter and so will Lenny with his 25+. The over tonight is set at 52.5 last time I looked. And I don’t know if the Eagles can or will pull of the win, the line keeps dropping which tells me they have a punchers chance. But either way, I don’t see the Bucs losing by more than a touchdown in this game. Would be shocked.

Also bonus prop play. Miles Sanders to score a touchdown +210. He is well over due and this might be the game where he might go off. Love him to score one tonight.

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