Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving And The Rest Of The NBA Wait For The New Year

This feels like a super weird NBA offseason. I feel like on one hand, nothing has happened and it’s been super boring. On the other hand you have all the vaccine controversy with Kyrie, Wiggins, Beal etc. you also have the Ben Simmons shit show.

Let’s start with Ben. He’s a coward. No other way to describe it. You ghost your team and more importantly your teammates just to tuck your tail between your legs and go back. You tuck your tail after your agent was slandering the team to the media. I mean Rich Paul was cancelling charity events for Tyrese Maxey because of the Simmons drama. All for nothing. You made Morey lie his ass off and ask for more than he knows he can get, let him off the hook. I think that’s what I’m most annoyed at as someone who isn’t a Sixers fan. You let Morey off the hook. Wildly overrated GM gets rewarded again, it is what it is. This saga is not over but Ben you lost all leverage and are completely in the hands of the Sixers since returning.

The vaccine stuff is annoying. Wiggins refusing to get it, not getting a religious exemption from the league, just to end up getting it. Probably the wrong reasons but he got it and it is what it is. Beal got vaccinated but doesn’t understand why after almost a year of people saying why. And Kyrie is honestly a huge question mark. Unless I’m missing something I don’t think the Nets are going to let him play or practice at all unless NYC lifts their mandates or he gets vaccinated. Rock, hard place.

BUT we can’t forget that the season starts soon and we all have unrealistic hopes and dreams for our favorite team and players.

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