Adam Schefter Is In BIG Trouble After Emails From The WFT/Dan Snyder Investigation Leak

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With the news of Former Raiders HC Jon Gruden being fired as a result of emails leaked from the Snyder investigation, I think the entirety of the football world was ready for some more heads to roll.

BREAKING: Raiders HC Jon Gruden Resigns

And it looks like one of, if not the biggest reporters in sports, is the newest victim of these leaks:

“And it’s definitely not normal for reporters to send entire stories to a source for a review, a fact-check, a proofread, or whatever.” Florio confirms what is really common sense here. Imagine Woj or Shams emailing Daryl Morey or Rich Paul asking for suggestions or edits on one of their 10,000 Ben Simmons stories? This leads me to believe that Schefty may have been doing this more than just this one instance, and honestly I am very surprised. It’s going to be hard for Schefter to regain journalistic integrity after news like this, and I am genuinely curious to see what his next steps are as he goes into damage control.

Schefter has seemed to be one of those guys in sports media that did things the right way and always did it with a smile on his face and a phone in each hand.

It’s going to get very interesting over the next few weeks as more and more of these emails leak. Heads will roll, and the pasts of many legendary figures in the NFL will be revisited. We may be in for the NFL version of BALCO here, folks.

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