Jabril Cox Celebrates Daniel Jones’ Concussion On Social Media

Stay classy Dallas. Daniel Jones took a hit on Sunday that didn’t look that bad at firs but when he tried to walk away it was clear to everyone that he had a concussion. It was a scary moment, unless of course you are a scumbag like Jabril Cox. In that cause it was a proud moment. One that you want to relive and brag about on social media.

This is classic Dallas player behavior. Nothing surprising here. The only thing the organization has been known for over the last 20 years is underachieving and having players that are subpar humans. And like I said, the hit at first didn’t look like anything over the line. I thought it was a bang bang play, clearly no malicious intent there. But to then go on Instagram, see someone posted the video with the caption ‘handing out concussions and share it. It’s a dirtbag move from a dirtbag player. Once again, nothing new and it won’t be the last time we see something like this from a Dallas player.

PS: I’m going to save space here to post the best rebuttals from Cowboys fans why this is ok. Should be a real hoot.

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