Phillies Hire A Guy Joe Girardi Tried To Fist Fight This Year

The Phillies have hired a new hitting coach and I’m all for it.

Kevin Long knows this Phillies squad well. Coached Bryce Harper in Washington and worked with Joe Girardi in New York with the Yankees. The resume is fantastic and I think he will help this team. Not sure how much more he can help Harper after he’s coming off an MVP caliber year but I love the move for the other guys. But the most interesting part of this hire is the fact that just 4 months ago, Joe Girardi tried to fist fight Kevin Long.

Imagine that job interview. ‘Now Kevin, you know I could have kicked your ass right?’ Have to just eat it. Can’t wait to hear this get discussed during the press conference. 10000% chance it’s the very first question asked. Here’s to hoping that the rumors are true and the Phillies will be spending money again. They can’t continue to waste Bryce Harper’s prime. They already wasted an MVP and Cy Young season from two of their top players. They need to make the playoffs next year. No excuses anymore.

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