Iowa Coach Mocks Hurt Penn State Player

Iowa defeated Penn State 23-20 on Saturday in Iowa City. Penn State fans weren’t only disappointed that their starting quarterback was knocked out of the game leading to Iowa’s come from behind victory, but also because the Iowa fans booed the majority of the injured Nittany Lions throughout the game. Not only were the fans accusing Penn State players of faking injuries but so was the Hawkeyes coaching staff. Seen below is Levar Woods flopping to the ground mocking star defensive end Arnold Ebiketie.


I have two problems with Iowa fans crying foul at this. 1) The Iowa offense doesn’t run an uptempo offense. It would be foolish for Penn State to take out players, especially the two stars of your defense in Jaquan Brisker, and Arnold Ebiketie. 2) Even though this video is from the third quarter, they booed Jaquan Brisker in the second quarter on a 9 yard gain when he made an awkward tackle. Brisker has had shoulder issues dating back to week 1 and is known to be a tough player. He is not a guy that would fake an injury. Penn State lost Pj Mustipher, John Lovett, and Sean Clifford for the majority of the game (they never returned to action). Lost Brisker and Jonathon Sutherland for a series. Ebiketie (player in the video) was out for a few plays before returning. Did the players look a bit suspicious in the fourth quarter? Possibly. The fans thought they were faking and started to boo. Even though I don’t agree with it, that’s what fans do sometimes. Coach Woods on the other hand should be embarrassed.

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